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Middle Distance Running (Classic Revival Edition)

Percy Cerutty

Middle Distance Running (Classic Revival Edition)

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This is the long-awaited reprint of Percy Cerutty’s seminal book on athletic training: ‘Middle Distance Running’ in which he outlines his ideas for the development of strength, stamina, technique and personality. He includes a chapter on youth training (under 18 years of age).

First published in 1964, this book has been out of print for more than fifty years and we are delighted to be bringing Percy Cerutty’s coaching ideas to a new audience. This book is packed full of information for the aspiring middle distance athlete. Percy Cerutty was Australia’s world-renowned coach in the 1960s. He was coach to arguably Australia’s greatest middle distance runner - and possibly the most esteemed middle distance runner of all time - Herb Elliott.

In a recent media interview, Herb Elliott said of his coach: Percy grew to be, in my view, the greatest middle distance coach in the world through his own hardships in his life. ….. People say, you know, "You were naturally gifted and so you would have been just as good without Percy." And they can say that if they wish - I know that I wouldn't have been as good without Percy.

ISBN 9781511951074

Paperback  189pp




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