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First Born Son: Book 1 in the Philippe Duval series


by J Mary Masters

ISBN 9780645863710 | 348 pages | Paperback


To the world beyond, Philippe Duval, eminent surgeon, husband to Julia, father to Pippa, appears to have a settled life other men would envy. What could possibly upend it?

Could it be his lingering interest in a beautiful woman who should now be out of bounds? A woman he turned his back on to marry his long lost love Julia Belleville.

Or could it be what emerges unexpectedly from his early life?

Brought up in poverty by his single mother among America’s wealthy elite on Long Island, he has always seen himself as an outsider. Not belonging. Never welcome. Shamed for his illegitimacy. Rescued only by his own determination to succeed. Or so he thinks.

As he returns to the country of his birth, he has no way of knowing what lies ahead. In fact, nothing could have prepared him for what is to come. He does not know his life is about to change forever … 

Also in ebook:

ISBN 9780645863727 | Ebook

To find out more about this and other books in the series, visit the author's website at http://www.jmarymasters.com 

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