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Heirs and Successors: Book 4 in the Belleville Family series


by J Mary Masters

ISBN 9780994327697 | 390 pages | Paperback


A near tragic accident. A heartbreaking betrayal. And a shocking secret that must never be revealed.

Heirs and Successors is book four in the Belleville family series, taking up the story eight years after Return to Prior Park left off. 

Set largely in Australia, it is now 1968 and the Belleville family - Richard, his brother William and their sister Julia - believe their lives are settled until a near tragic accident almost claims the life of a beloved family member. As the family recovers, no one has any inkling of the chain of events that will be unleashed by the near tragedy.

At twenty-two, it is Richard’s son Paul at the centre of this period of turmoil. His lack of judgement leads to a shocking betrayal for which he and others will pay a big price, including his own father.

And there are newcomers too in the family circle. Is Richard right when he considers meeting Amanda Robinson a stroke of misfortune for the family? And will they similarly come to regret putting their trust in the charming but ambitious Alex Fraser?

For the Belleville family, there is no warning of the challenges that lie ahead as the next generation begins to take centre stage.

Also available in ebook: ISBN 9780645863703

To find out more about this and other books in the series, visit the author's website at http://www.jmarymasters.com 

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