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Return to Prior Park - Book 3 of the Belleville family series


 by J Mary Masters

ISBN 9780994327635 | 393 pages | Paperback


A final act of vengeance. An illicit liaison. A passionate affair. Against this backdrop, the Belleville family begin to rebuild their shattered lives and reclaim the future of Prior Park for the next generation.

As the Belleville family begin to rebuild their shattered lives, they believe they are safe from the madman Alistair McGovern. Yet he escapes from custody to attempt one final act of vengeance on the family. In the aftermath of this final desperate act, each of them must come to terms with the events of the past.

Julia Belleville begins to question whether she can recapture the romance of her first love, little knowing she may have a rival. Her elder brother Richard, determined to gain custody of his two sons, laments the failure of his marriage to Catherine, who is already looking elsewhere. Yet Richard too finds himself falling in love against his better judgement even as he confronts Julia’s first love Philippe Duval over his troubling behaviour.

Meanwhile, at their new home, it is William and Alice who provide the stability of a settled family life. Yet they too are caught up in the unsettled lives of the people they love.

In this dramatic third instalment of the Belleville story, there are many twists and turns as the family rebuild their lives. But in the end, it is Prior Park that draws them back as the next generation of the family begins to emerge from childhood.

To find out more about this and other books in the series, visit the author's website at http://www.jmarymasters.com 

ISBN 9780994327666 | EBOOK

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