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4 **** star review for RETURN TO PRIOR PARK

4 star review 4 stars Belleville family J Mary Masters Romance novel

We're delighted that top Australian book blogger and reviewer Mrs B's has awarded 4 stars to Book 3 of the Belleville series, RETURN TO PRIOR PARK, by J Mary Masters.


Return to Prior Park is the third and final book in the Belleville family series, a collection of books that I have personally enjoyed from start to finish. In this dramatic final chapter, the Belleville family must rise above the challenges they have faced in life, to take stock and triumph over adversity. With matters of the heart, dangerous affairs, acts of pure revenge and a focus on gaining the upper hand over their troubled lives running  through this tale, Return to Prior Park is an impressionable novel.
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About the photo: author J Mary Masters (Judith) pictured with the three Belleville novels. Return to Prior Park, book 3, was published in 2019.
Photo credit: Sherran Evans


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