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REVIEW: Heirs and Successors: A family saga that is rich in detail

Belleville family Family saga J Mary Masters Romance novel

Happy Valley Booksread Craig / Phil

***** 5 stars  |  October 2023

The intrigue and misgivings of the landed gentry and the lives of those in the family dynasty always capture my attention. 

They live in a surreal bubble where money is no object and ensuring the right marriages are made to continue the bloodlines is paramount. Meet the Belleville family.

The next generation emerge with gusto as they find their place in the world among turmoil, accidents and love. 

Paul is the eldest son of Richard Belleville and is involved in a near fatal plane crash. A course of events that will change his destiny as he paves the way for his future and a tumultuous love journey. 

Richard and his siblings can only spectate in the lives of their children, the heirs to vast lands and fortunes. 

They too have emotional baggage that needs to be unpacked and addressed. 

A family saga that is rich in detail and delves into the intricacies of family relationships. 

It sweeps across the country and over to an estate and the aristocracy of England. Choices are key in the survival of this family to continue successfully. 

This is book four in the series and I read it as standalone. 

A helpful summary of the characters at the front is useful. 

I’m keen to see what happens in the new generation.

Thank you J Mary Masters for gifting us a copy to read and review.

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