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4 **** star review for TO LOVE, HONOUR AND BETRAY, Book 2 of the Belleville series

4 stars Belleville family Family saga Romance novel

PMA Books is delighted to share leading Australian book blogger Mrs B's 4 star review of the second of the Belleville novels, TO LOVE, HONOUR AND BETRAY.

We know how wonderful it is to be able to embrace characters you've come to love in a continuing story of their lives. 

It was a warm welcome and an embracing homecoming as I returned to the fascinating lives of the Belleville family in J Mary Masters' second chapter of this Australian historical fiction series, To Love Honour and Betray. With the emphasis on family, secrets, the past, legacy and entitlement, the sequel to Julia’s Story entertains the reader from the breathtaking first page, through to the final parting word of this compelling Australian novel.



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